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What are the Top Causes of Depression?

Depression is an extremely complex condition some people experience when they go through ups and downs in their life. A person with clinical depression or depressive disorder feels overwhelmed with sadness and loneliness and losses interest to do anything for no clear reason. It disrupts the day-to-day activities of the person and they feel life isn’t worth living. These continuous thoughts of worthlessness and emptiness may ultimately lead to suicide.

Causes of depression


Heredity could be the cause of depression. If the parents or close relatives of a person have a history of depression, there is a chance that the next generation may be afflicted by this condition.

Side effects of medicines

Medicines prescribed for certain medical conditions could cause side effects like the feeling of sadness, emptiness and discouragement, which are associated with depression. Even though the medication cures the illness, the side effects could become harmful.

Death or loss of a close person

Death or loss of a loved one can also lead to depression, especially if the person already has a low emotional threshold. Everyone is affected by the loss, and there would be sadness and apathy for some time. However, if the condition lasts for a longer time, then the person may be becoming depressed. It would be best to take the person for depression counselling. In Bangalore, there are psychologists and consultants who offer counselling sessions.

Personal conflicts or abuse

Physical, sexual or emotional abuse can cause depression. Depression can also result from personal conflicts or disputes with family members or friends, relationship issues, and early childhood trauma.

The treatment for depression includes a healthy diet, regular sleep schedule, yoga and meditation. A change in place or work can also help the person overcome depression.

In case, you know someone who is having such problems, you can also take them for depression counselling. Hospitals in Bangalore offer depression treatment for such people. The doctor will first try to ascertain the cause of depression before providing treatment.

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