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Naturopathic Medicine for Treating Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is called stomach ache as well. It is associated with serious and non-serious medical problems. The common cause of abdominal pain in irritable bowel syndrome, gastroenteritis, indigestion etc. The common symptoms of indigestion are diarrhoea and stomach cramps. As a number of diseases can contribute to abdominal pain, you need to adopt a systematic approach for the examination of the person and formulation of the differential diagnosis is important.

Abdominal Pain Treatment

Naturopaths at Jindal Naturecure Institute Bangalore emphasize the concept of self-healing of the body. They advise to include whole organic foods that can provide optimum nutritional value. The abdominal pain treatment has the naturopathic solutions which include the examination of food, identifying the emotional triggers which cause indigestion, examining inflammation in the gut, supplementing the diet with nutrients and herbs and adopting the elimination diet.

The physicians would advise the following:

  • Avoid consuming processed food as indigestion and abdominal pain are associated with the consumption of excessively processed food.
  • Observe your diet to detect the food that is responsible for stress in life. You may even maintain a diary for monitoring the intake of the food.
  • Modifications in the diet are suggested. For instance, dairy products can cause stomach upset and indigestion. They would advise you to detect food allergies and eliminate some food items responsible for the allergies.
  • A good way of keeping your gut healthy is by including probiotics in the diet. The probiotics help in fixing the imbalances. They play a key role in keeping the gut healthy. 
  • The physicians would advise you to include an array of fresh fruits and raw vegetables in the diet. They would recommend you to include cooked and steamed vegetables in different times, fresh spices and herbs, whole grains, pulses, legumes, seeds, nuts, herbal tea, vegetable juices as well as fresh fruits in the diet.

For the treatment of abdominal pain, you can choose naturopathy treatment in India from the reputed Jindal Naturecure Institute. We follow a holistic approach to the prevention and cure of diseases. Our mode of treatment includes physiotherapy, yoga, diet counselling, herbal therapy, deep tissue therapy, etc.