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Natural Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes or high blood sugar has become a common disease because of the changes in food habits and is compounded by the sedentary lifestyle coupled with other environmental factors. The challenge faced by diabetics is not just high levels of glucose that keeps them from indulging in their favourite foods. This condition could also lead to severe problems to the internal organs causing other related diseases and ailments. There are many diabetes hospitals in Bangalore that offer treatment for this ailment.

However, for long-lasting effects and minimum side effects, it is recommended that diabetics take up natural treatment methods to combat this lifestyle disease. Some of the natural treatment methods for diabetes are:

Diet plan

The best way to control sugar levels in the blood is by controlling food intake. Processed foods contain high levels of sugar and salt. So, it is best to stick to a natural diet with fruits and vegetables that grow in your locality. You can consult a nutritionist who can draw up a diet plan based on the extent of your diabetic condition.

Herbal medications

Indian medicinal system uses local herbs and medicinal plants for treating various medical ailments and diseases. Powder or supplements made from Madhunashini leaves, Haridra, Amalaki have been historically used for controlling high blood sugar levels naturally. You can talk to your Ayurveda doctor and get a prescription of these herbal medications.

Home remedies

People who may be susceptible to this disease because of genetics or lifestyle can also start on home remedies to delay the onset of diabetes. However, there is not much scientific study about the efficacy of these home remedies.


Yoga is associated with fitness and health. Since ages, we have been following yogic practices that have been found to have beneficial effects on the body. The yoga postures stimulate various parts of the body, which enables the body to treat itself. A trained yoga teacher can help you learn the asanas that can help control sugar levels in the blood.


Acupuncture is an alternative medical system originated in China. In this treatment, the therapist will use needles to apply pressure on acupressure points on the body. By applying pressure, various parts of the body are stimulated, resulting in better health.

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