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Booked for treatment at Jindal Naturecure Institute? Here’s your checklist to prepare for the stay!

Are you ready to experience peace and relaxation in the lush green environment of Jindal Naturecure Hospital Bangalore Karnataka as you get top-notch natural treatment? The huge campus has wide open spaces, beautiful lawns, trees, and well-maintained gardens to help every individual restore the natural balance of the body, mind and spirit. Plus, we use modern medical technology with ancient medical techniques to provide the best medical treatment for all our patients. We wish that every person who visits this beautiful campus returns with a smile on the face and happiness in the heart. We request patients to stay in the campus for a minimum of 2 weeks to get the best round-the-clock treatment using natural methods. If you have booked here for treatment, you can choose from the below accommodation options.

Types of accommodation available at Jindal Nature Cure Bangalore

 Jindal Naturecure hospital offers different types of accommodations and facilities that patients can select based on their budget and preferences. We have Economy, Premium and Deluxe rooms. You find out about accommodation and tariffs in detail on our website.

What should you bring with you when you come to stay for treatment?

 Jindal nature cure hospital Bangalore Karnataka has luxurious accommodation, which offers the best facilities for your stay. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you pack for your stay at the naturopathy hospital.

Clothing and accessories

 Take comfortable clothes that are easy to maintain. Make sure to pack yoga dress, tracksuits and swimwear. Also, bring walking shoes to have a morning walk through the amazing premises of Jindal. When it comes to accessories, going minimum is your best option. Towels and toiletries are provided in the luxury accommodation. If you are staying in economic class, you will not receive towels and toiletries. You should either bring it with you while coming or you can buy it from the shop in the hospital campus.

Medical Reports

Make sure you bring in all the relevant medical records, so that they doctors can check your medical history before prescribing different treatment methods.

What you should not bring?

Don’t bring

  • Jewellery or valuables
  • addictive items
  • Outside food

As a leading nature cure hospital in Bangalore, Karnataka, Jindal offers the best treatment for every individual. We at Jindal Naturecure provide comfortable accommodation and facilities according to the preference of the patients. Contact us now to book an appointment for natural treatment.