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All That You Should Know About Migraine

A migraine is a medical ailment that is characterised by severe and painful headaches that may occur frequently or suddenly because of triggers. They can last anywhere between 2 to 72 hours and are usually accompanied by warning signs and other symptoms. The causes of a migraine are still uncertain. However, they do seem to be affected by genetic and environmental factors.

A few of the common triggers for a migraine headache are:

  • Hormonal changes or imbalances are a common trigger among women
  • Emotional turmoil from stress, depression, anxiety or even extreme shock
  • Exhaustion or lack of proper sleep
  • An unhealthy diet or excessive consumption of drinks
  • Medication that does not suit the body
  • Physical activity or exposure to pollutants, flickering lights or sudden temperature changes

In extreme cases, doctors prescribe medication to combat the effects of a migraine. However, adopting alternative migraine treatments can help treat the symptoms in a holistic and drug-free manner. Some common prevention and treatment methods include:


  • Diet Changes: Reducing the intake of foods that are rich in cheese and salt can reduce the chances of getting a migraine. Non-citrus fruits, leafy greens, and rice are beneficial for those who suffer from migraines
  • Regular Exercise: Practicing exercises such as yoga can help relieve tension from the body. It also improves blood circulation, which helps to prevent as well as treat the symptoms of a headache.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Adopting a fixed sleeping schedule and getting regular sleep can prevent the onset of frequent migraines. Irregular sleep cycles are a common trigger for migraines and must be avoided by those who get frequent headaches.
  • Reduce Stress: Relieve the mind of stress by practising mindfulness or meditation. Avoiding stressful situations can also help to prevent migraines. Alternatively, going for a massage can help to reduce the effects of stress on the body.


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